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Dog Daycare


Our dog daycare gives your pet:

Off-Leash Exercise and Socialization

Professional Supervision

Relief from Boredom

Routine and Structure

Complimentary New Dog Integrations and Behavior Evaluations

Dog Daycare

Whether you are going out of town for the weekend or for an extended stay, we offer short term and long term accommodations for all your animal companions. We are pleased to offer our services not just for canine and feline guests but any pet that needs a loving caretaker while its’ family is out of town.

For our friends that do not like to stay home alone during the day, we are pleased to offer either the Day Stay or the Daycare program. If your pet just likes a little more privacy and just wants a private one-on one experience then the Day Stay is your answer. But, if your dog loves the excitement of playtime and enrichment of friendships then the Daycare program is where your pet will want to be.


All dogs must be free from parasites, ticks/fleas, and communicable diseases. Any dog that poses a risk to the health of the other dogs in our care will not be accepted at check-in. If our staff finds reason for concern while your dog is in Bed N Bicuit’s care, he/she will be separated from the group and we will contact you about picking them up and/or seeing a veterinarian. We will gladly welcome your dog back once they are healthy again and no longer pose a risk of infection.


We want all dogs to be safe and healthy.

As such, in compliance with Kentucky law, the guidelines for the Kentucky Humane Society, and the Recommendation of the American Veterinary Medical Association, we require proof of the following vaccinations prior to using any of our services.

Dogs: Rabies, Bordatella or Kennel Cough, Distemper/Parvo or DHLPP

Cats: Rabies, FVRCP

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